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Impulsive habitat
netlabel de musiques basées sur la phonographie : : www.impulsivehabitat.com

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  • Back in May 2012, when I stayed in Honduras for the first time. La Playa Escondida, Triunfo de la Cruz. Each morning I was waking up with the (...) • 24.11.13
  • [IHab066] Huayra Tata, Juan Manuel Castrillo Huayra Tata (Father of Wind in Aymara or Quechua language) is the name of the god that, according (...) • 16.04.13
  • IHab063 - Niche constructions, par THOMAS BESLEY IHab062 - Mechanics of suspended time, par MUFI.RE -Rui Almeida IHab034 - Last night I (...) • 27.02.13
  • "Semi" is a recording of cicadas, made in late August in my garden. The summer had been especially hot, and the sound of cicadas in the trees (...) • 13.06.11
  • Part of my job involves taking photographs of industrial processes to illustrate a series of manuals with production instructions and guidelines (...) • 10.06.11
  • Arnside stands where the estuary of the River Kent opens out into the vast, featureless expanse of sand that is Morcambe Bay. Classified as an (...) • 10.06.11
  • Throughout May 2009 I participated in a residency at the Polymer Factory Culturehouse in Tallinn, Estonia, to compose new work, collaborate with (...) • 09.09.10
  • "Field abuse" is a project from Italian sound artist Claudio Curciotti and photographer Eleonora Trani where they document visually and sonically (...) • 17.08.10
  • Before Yuri Gagarin headed into the small Vostok capsule on his way to space, mankind’s imagination already had extended its blind fingers trying (...) • 30.07.10
  • Once every two weeks Jan Kees Helms works as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital during the night while most of the people are sleeping. It is (...) • 26.06.10
  • When I started working on the Impulsive Habitat release, I first composed the track ’A Black Nightingale Ascension’ which reflects some of my (...) • 26.05.10
  • 01. Framing a Century -MET- by Andy Graydon (12:40) 02. Untitled (fault) -Marian Spore- by Kenneth Kirschner 03. February 1, 2010 by (...) • 10.04.10
  • All field recordings were collected around some lakes at the foot of Mt. Fuji when the sacred mountain is enveloped by night and quietness comes (...) • 11.03.10
  • (Montagne sur un ciel phosphorescent) Pièce sonore à partir d’enregistrements faits dans la chaîne d’Aguilar, en Australie “For every 100 meters of (...) • 04.02.10
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