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Just not normal
netlabel expérimentaliste : : http://justnotnormal.wordpress.com/

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  • Of Places and Moments is a celebration of the art of field recordings. The tracks to be included utilized recordings from the Sounds Found (...) • 21.11.10
  • At long last it is finaly here ; the successor of no-r-mal the first edition. Almost a year later down the line, but highly improved and filled (...) • 08.08.10
  • From Spain, this multi experimentalist dares walk on the dark side of sounds as one would go shopping at the supermarket. His varried pallet of (...) • 12.07.10
  • And in the darkness lives the mysterious. Or in other words what happens when an experimental artist from Mexico (Roberto Telles Garcia) gets (...) • 08.07.10
  • If the world of lo-fi IDM could find more oompf, this would be the place. A wealth of toys has been intergrated into these 10 tracks that will (...) • 07.07.10
  • The fervent listener of the weekly NTNS radioshow knows. I have a soft spot for field recordings. It just cannot be too pure to please my (...) • 07.07.10
  • The third second releaser comes from Brighton, UK. Paul Nadin, or better known as Voder has previously released his most beautiful album ‘Island’ (...) • 09.06.10
  • Recorded live at the Canibal Canniche festival, held in Berlin May 2nd 2010 Mastered by Final Cut Are you prepared to take on a journey of live (...) • 08.06.10
  • Like Stream69, Kris Cadwell also revisits the JNN catalog with a successor to his first album ‘Offerings’ (JNN070). Another beauty and indepth look (...) • 07.06.10
  • From France Stream69 revisits the JNN catalog with his successor to the beautiful album ‘Souvenirs from Earth’ (JNN046). This time the edges have (...) • 07.06.10
  • Cezary Gapik (also know as CEZAR) was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1963. He started his musical activity in 1980 as an animator of punk rock (...) • 11.04.10
  • 01 – Le mourmon sansytifical 02 – Sur le mode de ta phalange des appointee 03 – Tontem 04 – Flipper 05 – Essuivies 06 – (...) • 10.04.10
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