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Sound is Art
blog sonore de Margaret Noble : : http://margaretnoble.net/blog/

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  • Découvert grâce à Syntone, cette plateforme de radio expérimentale basée à Chicago, Radius, qui présente tous les 15 jours des pièces d’artistes (...) • 13.03.11
  • Sound Clip : Caphtoirs by Collectif Tralala Sound painting of an empty tank. More on this artist http://www.archive.org/compress/amp062_fausta • 18.07.10
  • Sound Clip : Booming Sands Only around 30 “booming” dunes are known worldwide—in deserts and on beaches in Hawaii, North and South America, Africa, (...) • 07.07.10
  • Sound Clip : Unplugged Impression by Lucalyptus As stated by Félix Guattari in ’Les Trois Ecologies’, a new approach of our relationships seems (...) • 01.07.10
  • Sound Clip : Bush Step Down by Tom Mansell The artist writes, “Back in 2006 I scurried downtown when I heard that a State of the Union protest (...) • 29.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Number Stations Number Stations (shortwave radio stations of unknown origin) have been reported since World War I and continue to (...) • 26.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Watched by Margaret Noble In this work, I examine the concept of surveillance as inspired by George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Sounds (...) • 24.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Found God in a Mixing Bowl by Natalie Grant The artist writes, “I like the idea of making many sounds from a small or single (...) • 22.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Alessandro Moreschi The Last Castrato The Castrati were men who were forcibly castrated at an early age in order to ensure that (...) • 20.06.10
  • Sound Clip : In Aeternum by Serban Nichifor This is computer music realized with MidImage software derived from a sonorous projection of image (...) • 18.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Confessions of a 7-year-old Killer by Sabrina Peña Young From a 2001 sound diary and based on a true story ; this is the dire (...) • 16.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Digital Devotional by Field Abuse Hypnotic electronic machine playing a Hare Krishna mantra. The machine`s frequencies create (...) • 14.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Main Street Parade by Field Abuse. Maha Kumbh Mela is the mother of all festivals. Long lines of floats parade in the street (...) • 12.06.10
  • Sound Clip : Excerpt from the experimental opera, ADDDDDDDDD by THINGNY. For four years, new music ensemble thing NY has fused fluxus-esque (...) • 08.06.10
  • Sound Clips : Sail Tack and Forward Berth by Colin Hart Sailing has always been near and dear to my heart. It has been 2 years since I was last (...) • 04.06.10
  • Sound Clips : Filtered and Unfiltered Teapot by Hans Timmermans This tracks is a derivative work of Michael Peter’s original post, Not An Animal (...) • 27.05.10
  • Sound Clip : City Noise of Lisboa by Ludwig Giersch 2009 Recording following a ten minute tour around Lisboa which includes city noise, trams, (...) • 23.05.10
  • Sound Clip : Solar Wind Sessions by David Fodel The Solar Wind Harp is a software instrument that is “played” by the solar wind. The “strings” of (...) • 19.05.10
  • Sound Clip : “Near and Distant Relations” from the album, Rarebit by Eric Leonardson and Steve Barsotti Rarebit is the culmination of a four-year (...) • 16.05.10
  • Sound Clip : Safer is Better by Margaret Noble This is the first track on the upcoming album, Frakture, which is a soundscape remix of George (...) • 12.05.10
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