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#292 : 2010.07.11

mardi 13 juillet 2010

after far too many weeks on the road, finally back home is estonia, where it’s hot hot hot ! 33 degrees celcius here today, more or less unheard of ’round these parts. time to escape to forest lakes and shade...

a long list of tracks this week, our penultimate regular edition before our traditional summer break. some works that have been waiting a very long time in our to-play pile, including this self-released sound collage by jesse paul miller, and this early aural terrains release by kim cascone. also, a release that forces us to question our own definitions of ’field-recording’ : fins and swedes singing karaoke on a ferry boat from stockholm to turku ? you be the judge. i should note as well that, although i’ve credited these tracks in the playlist to their recordist, cedric anglaret, he himself has chosen to leave his name off the cover of this release ; the album title alone is present, a definite comment of his own on the question of authorship.

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