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Electronic Girls

jeudi 30 mai 2013

Electronicgirls is an italian netlabel (creative commons, money free) dedicated to the effort of women in electronic music. Born in Venice during the 2010, Electronicgirls is a collective made of musicians and djs who are exploring every aspect of electronic music, from electroclash to experimental. We are interested in sounds from the past & the present, trying to keep alive the history of women in music and technology. We believe in culture’s freedom : music has no sex ! For this reason from 2012 electronicgirls opened its doors also to male productions. Our goal is to share music made by humans&machines with no prejudice. We believe in a new and equal future where musical education plays a very important role. Feel free to send us your music, we will be happy to guest your works ! For booking and infos, please write to : electronicgirls.fest(at)gmail.com

Voir en ligne : http://www.electronicgirls.org/wp/