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G20 Police State : Free the Toronto 500

lundi 28 juin 2010

A propos de l’arrestation de 500 manifestants contre le G20 de Toronto.

Police have raided activists’ homes in the middle of the night, swarmed and beat protestors in the designated free speech zone, and continue to brutally assault and arrest people gathered at jail solidarity demonstrations outside a temporary detention centre. The Toronto Community Mobilization Network and Movement Defence Committee held a press conference on Queen Street West in Parkdale, at 3pm, 27 June 2010. Following the press conference, the assembled crowd moved towards the TCMN’s convergence space, where they were then encircled by riot police outside, were not permitted to leave, and then at least 20 people were arrested... Although the G20 Summit is over, the arrests continue...

Visit http://2010.mediacoop.ca for news produced by members of the g20 alternative media centre (where at least six of our journalists have been arrested)

For more information, please also visit : http://movementdefence.org/G20appeal

Voir en ligne : http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/...