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I Love Nuclear 我愛核子能 !?

lundi 5 août 2013

A Love Confession from 14 Taiwanese Electronic Music Bedroom Producers : BlackBells, Vice City, Iang, Yao, Aul, Koala, MAD+N ft. Troy, Roweing, Betty apple, Varo琬婷, TJ Zang, 灰雁, Alois, Tech Yes...
Distorted sounds, exploding beats, acid ambience, twisting ears and grooving bodies. From ambient to breakcore, from techno to psytrance, this is a compilation about craziness and absurdity, as well as our interpretations of such craziness and absurdity.
It has a object of criticism as well as a space for introspection ; it is foregrounded against nuclear power as well as the craziness and absurdity revolving around it.


Voir en ligne : http://i-love-nuclear.bandcamp.com/...