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Impulsive Habitat : microcosme colombien & dieu du vent andin

mardi 16 avril 2013

[IHab066] Huayra Tata, Juan Manuel Castrillo

Huayra Tata (Father of Wind in Aymara or Quechua language) is the name of the god that, according to the myth, is in charge of provoking winds, blizzards and hurricanes in northwest Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. Inhabits mountains, abysses, peaks and hills of Andean high plateau.

IHab068 ISZ, Miguel Isaza

An exploration of the microscopic soundscape. Sonic matter captured in natural environments in Llanogrande, Antioquia (Colombia) was processed in order to extract and manipulate different elements to a micro scale rearranging them into a composition which builds new emotional environments.

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