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New Brvtalism No. 020

jeudi 2 juillet 2015

The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix by Italy’s Violet Poison. One of the most innovative, dynamic and subversive artists today, his body of work can only be described as prolific. Whether releasing material as a solo producer, or as a collaborator, as in his Violetshaped project, it continues to be some of our favorite proto-techno in the world today. He has released material on labels such as Bed of Nails, Hospital Productions, Haunted Air and his own imprint, Violet Poison. His latest release is titled "The Gaze", out on Candela Rising.

This is perhaps one of the most epic and conceptual New Brvtalism mixes to date. This is an all female band/artist mix - from experimental music from the 60’s, rhythmic noise and vintage electronica, to synth-pop, darkwave, minimal wave, EBM, punk, acid, techno, italodisco, hi-nrg and j pop. Artists include Ruth White, Suzanne Ciani, Mushy, Anne Clark, Gina X, Tara Cross, Emily Faryna, Malaria !, Matador, Ericka Irganon, Helena Hauff, Xosar, Miss Djax, 51717, Doris Norton.

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