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[Pan046] Six by Souns

jeudi 24 juin 2010

Two recently unearthed live recordings from 2004.

Morning Island was recorded live to DAT on the beach stage of Shambhala Music Festival in Nelson, BC. An early morning set, just after sunrise on the last (or second last) day of the festival. August, 2004. Equipment used : DJ mixer, 2 CDJ-1000s with pre-prepared CDs, a Line-6 loop pedal, DD66 delay, and a microphone.

Low Fidelity Stars and Darkened Blue Statics was recorded live to DAT at Mao Mao’s in Vancouver, BC for the fifth installment of the “Environments” ambient/etc event series. May 8, 2004. Equipment used : DJ mixer, two Axis8 CDJs with pre-prepared CDs, and a Line-6 loop pedal.

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