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State of the Union 2006

mardi 29 juin 2010

Sound Clip : Bush Step Down by Tom Mansell

The artist writes,

“Back in 2006 I scurried downtown when I heard that a State of the Union protest was happening in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I used my Edirol R-1 to record the goings on, and walked to different areas to focus on events — the bell tower, buses, and crowds. It was a chilly night and I kept switching hands, holding the R-1 with one hand while my other one was warming up in my pocket. The sound fragment at the end is from my car stereo, as I drove home after the rally. This track is a sound collage of the event, taken from my work-in-progress, “5 Year Phonography”, a survey of my first 5 years of recording sounds.”

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