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[TN024] Irisono - 2003-2005

mercredi 27 octobre 2010

These two pieces use the same sound files : vinyl records treated with knives and a scrubber and records made of cardboard and adhesive tape in a "noise" session which took place in my living-room. Yooco investigates the rhythmic fluctuations produced by the harmonics of a D major chord. I used a virtual organ and its registers to make the harmonics audible and to be able to manipulate them. In this sense it could be performed on a conventional organ. In AliBaba, the main part of the composition is made with a pro-53 synthesizer (virtual as well). The use of treated records (LP’s) is more decisive in this piece, where I’ve used a vinyl edition of the story of AliBaba and the Forty Thieves and a single (45) of The Art of Noise.

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