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The Cook Cook Show

mardi 16 décembre 2014

A radioshow by Lalchand Bhagwandas

L’émission cuir cuir, as listeners used to call it in France, weave long sound travellings from independant exhilarating modern music to field recordings crossing tropical psychedelism, collective karaokes, asian twilights, polar winds, african pearls, haunting rainbows, eccentric outsiders, hypnotic fires, cosmic hip-hop, italian futurism, primitive oddities, transcendental waterfalls, out of tune acapellas, rainforest atmospheres, cathedral dancefloors, folk and pop oceanian festivities, igneous rocks, ice creams, my aunt’s kitchen and maybe even your shower.

Each show is conceived as a one hour live act with the aim to build a peerless infectious pleasurable sound-spot in this solar system. Unorthodoxly juggling with field recordings and delicate, soothing, bouncy music, the cook cook show is often described as confectioner’s custard but much better, and with candles on top.

Voir en ligne : http://thecookcookshow.blogspot.fr/