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[earman141] Specta Ciera - Accumulation Section (2010)

samedi 28 août 2010

Devin has always been deeply interested in the creative uses of sound design, and with his debut Earth Mantra release Accumulation Section, he does not disappoint. This album is a fascinating collection of true sound sculptures, drifting somewhere in a realm of abstract texture that remains soothingly approachable to anyone who is a fan of ambient music. From glitchy sonic remembrances to virtual wind chimes to opulent tsunamis of textural goodness, there is truly something in this album for everyone. Indeed, Devin created the album for both himself and others as a meditation aid and source of stress relief. His goal was to make sounds that would be so easy on the ears that the listener would find themselves drifting into a relaxed state of consciousness without even noticing. After listening to this album several times, we can report that he most assuredly achieved his goal.

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